Automatic Open and Close Toilet Brush, Primanova

Automatic Open and Close Toilet Brush, Primanova

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Automatic Open and Close Toilet Brush, Primanova
  • All you need is pull up or put down the brush easily
  • Eye-catching Design: Attractive, stylish and beautiful as elegant finish
  • High Quality acrylic: Durable as acrylic last longer than other material
  • Non-slip Handle-The non-slip handle and also long handle
Automatic Open and Close Toilet Brush, Primanova
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Why should you choose our product?

Primanova bathroom accessories make your bathroom look elegant. We have a stylish range of toilet brushes, this toilet brush holder will add unique style to your bathroom and make it look elegant

  • Toilet brush with long stand

The toilet brush is designed with a long handle so you can reach every corner of the toilet to ensure a deep cleaning, You can also put it back in the brush holder to keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

  • 360° Soft Cleaning Brush Head

The brush is designed with dense, soft, flexible bristles and a large head to clean every corner of the toilet deeply, easily and effectively.

Meanwhile, the soft black toilet brush head is made of polypropylene, which makes it more practical than a silicone brush thanks to its durable, yet gentle bristles on the walls of your toilet. Say goodbye to worrying about scratching.

  • Keep your bathroom clean

The heavy-duty enclosure prevents water drips and staining your bathroom, Simply pour the detergent into the holder case after use and sanitize the brush to be ready for the next use and keep your bathroom sanitary and clean.

  • Product information
  • trade mark: Primanova
  • Model: Lotus
  • Made in: Turkey
  • Subject: Acrylic body and handle
  • the color: Multiple
  • Package Contents: 1 toilet brush with holder

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