Free Standing Clothes Rack,Black,Primanova

Free Standing Clothes Rack,Black,Primanova

1,145.00 EGP

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Free Standing Clothes Rack,Black,Primanova

1,145.00 EGP

  • Multi functional: With a top tray helps store and organize many personal belongings: 
  • Metal & Hook Design: for trousers and metal tie bars for belts and ties.
  • Easy to Assemble: Very easy to setup and move from place to place
  • Very suitable for bedroom, guest room, office and hotel

1 in stock

Free Standing Clothes Rack,Black,Primanova

1,145.00 EGP

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Free Standing Clothess hanger, black, Primanova This wonderful multi-functional product can be ordered from Primo Store, the best site that offers high-quality products.

In this article, we will talk about the most important advantages and specifications of the wonderful clothes hanger, as well as the price and the most important benefits of using it.

Free standing clothes hanger, black, Primanova

Free Standing Clothes
Free Standing Clothes
  • Versatile clothes hanger that comes with an upper drawer that can be used to hang clothes.
  • The attached drawer can keep your small belongings inside and prevent them from being lost.
  • It is very suitable for home use, and is also suitable for use in hotel rooms, chalets and resorts.

Free standing clothes hanger, black

There are many specifications of this distinctive product, which we mention below:

  • The clothes hanger comes with a metal design, with double hooks that you can use to hang clothes and ties.
  • Its small size is suitable for placing it anywhere in the house.
  • Made of stainless steel with natural wood.
  • The length of the relationship is about 126 cm.
  • Designed only in black.

Features of Free Standing Clothes Hanger, Black, Primanova

There are also many advantages that you can get with the acquisition of this unique relationship, which are:

  • This hanger is well painted with finishing touches that give it more elegance and beauty.
  • It can be used in the entrance of the house to hang the clothes of the guests, and it gives a distinctive look to the lobby with its elegant design.

Benefits of using a free standing clothes hanger, black, Primanova

  • Suitable for everywhere, you can use it to decorate the place and add a wonderful touch to your room decor.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes to keep your clothes ironed.
  • You can use the attached drawer to put your personal items, phone, watch, or other small items that you are afraid of losing.

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Free standing clothes hanger, black

You can get a Prima clothes hanger for only 950 Egyptian pounds.

At the end we talked about a free standing clothes hanger, black, Primanova which you can get from primostore at the best price.

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36 x 44 x 126 cm


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Stainless Steel


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