Soap dispenser ,IKEA- 450 ml

Soap dispenser ,IKEA- 450 ml

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Soap dispenser Features

  • It keeps your sink area clean and tidy
  • The modern and simple design makes it perfect
  • It is easy to fill.

It can be refilled and used again and again. Which makes it more friendly to the environment. Furthermore, it is automatically distribute soap when a sensor detects the presence of hands. This is a practical and hygienic choice, especially for heavily used locations like public toilets.

Height: 18 cm

Volume: 450 ml

Soap dispensers offer a number of features that make them a convenient and hygienic way to dispense soap.

Convenience: It is may be positioned in a convenient area, such next to the sink or in the shower, and are simple to use.
Hygiene: By removing the need to touch a soap container, it assists to stop the transmission of germs.
Sanitation: It’s simple to clean and disinfect it, which helps stop the spread of bacteria.
Conservation: By distributing a predetermined amount of soap after each use, soap dispensers can aid in soap conservation.

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Soap dispenser
Soap dispenser ,IKEA- 450 ml
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