Stainless Steel Colorful Thermal Mug ,500 ml

Stainless Steel Colorful Thermal Mug ,500 ml

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  • Double Layer Stainless Steel-Keeps Hot for 6 hours and 12 hours for Cold Drink
  • Colorful- The colors of the thermal Mug are eye catching
  • Multiuse-Can be used in different locations such as office ,work and gym

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  • Leakproof Lid Mug

Leak-proof design prevents the drinks from spilling.

Very Easy to open and lock, leakproof as preventing the fluid from spoiling

You can move in different directions without leaking


  • Colorful Thermal Mug

There are different colors as you cant choose which is suitable to your daily life

as it can be used anywhere or anyplace in your daily life as in your office,work,car and also workout as it will accompany you anywhere you go


Colorful thermal mug 500 ml for 12 hours cold and 6 hours hot


  • Stainless Steel  thermal mug

Made of high quality of Stainless Steel that will last for you long time and will not rust

  • Dimensions of Colorful thermal mug

Is very suitable can be put in different places like in your car, bag or even you can take gym with you

500 ml is suitable enough for your daily life is you drink according to the standard 2 liter per day

With Height 25 cm and width 7.3 cm


If you want see more thermal mugs 


  • Some Instructions to keep colorful thermal mug for long time

Don’t ever put any protein inside it as it will make a bed smell and this is not protein shaker

Always keep clean



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500 ml

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Special Features

Double Wall, Easy Clean

Stainless Steel Colorful Thermal Mug ,500 ml
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