Ikea water bottle with stopper

Ikea water bottle with stopper

149.00 EGP

Ikea water bottle with stopper
  • The KORKEN series is ideal for preserving pickles and jams
  • Serve drinks or keep cookies crunchy
  • The airtight seal keeps the flavor inside
Ikea water bottle with stopper
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IKEA water bottle with stopper, many customers are looking for healthy and well-sealed bottles, at a simple and not high price, in which they can store the largest amount of liquids, pickles, or squares, as this bottle is characterized by its variety of uses, not only water or juice is placed in it, but pickles, jam, and other things can be placed in it.

Ikea water bottle with stopper

Ikea water bottle with stopper

  • The Ikea water bottle with stopper has many specifications that made it compete with other water bottles, so it is considered the first and perfect choice for everyone looking for quality and good specifications, and among these qualities:
  • The water bottle is transparent, allowing you to see the liquids or things that are in it.
  • This bottle is made of the finest quality glass.
  • Made of stainless steel, PP plastic and glass.
  • It can withstand the cold, so you can put it in the refrigerator.
  • Airtight, as it prevents the leakage of water, drinks or things inside.
  • It contains a stopper made of polypropylene plastic.
  • The wire around the lid is made of good stainless steel.
  • There are two colors of the bottle, blue and green.
  • The bottle storage capacity is 0.5 liters.

Features of Ikea water bottle with stopper

Ikea water bottle with stopper has many features, including:

  • The bottle is transparent.
  • The water bottle has a contemporary and distinctive look.
  • You can put it in the fridge, where it can handle cold temperatures.
  • It has a good seal that prevents leakage of what is inside, as it is well sealed.
  • It has many uses, as it is not only used to store water, but pickles, jam and drinks can be stored inside.

Benefits of an Ikea water bottle with stopper

This bottle has many benefits that made it the first choice for many customers, including:

  • The bottle has a well-sealed stopper, which makes it safe to store drinks and liquids and prevent air from entering.
  • It maintains the safety and quality of drinks and the things inside them from contaminants.

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Ikea water bottle with stopper price

The bottle is available at competitive prices, as it was launched at 149.00 Egyptian pounds.

If you want a safe, well-sealed water bottle with a contemporary look that can be used for many purposes at a good price, do not hesitate to buy an Ikea water bottle with a stopper, as it is the best choice for you from the primostore.

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Glass, Plastic PP, Stainless Steel

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0.5 Liters


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