Learn about the best sports water bottle

Learn about the best sports water bottle

180.00 EGP

Learn about the best sports water bottle
  • Perfect Choice -The daily water bottle is suitable for people of all ages,
  • Suitable for hiking, cycling, camping, running, yoga or at home, gym, school or office
  • Practical Design-The cover is designed with safety and leak-proof,
  • Light Weighted-you can easily handle anywhere inside you bag
Learn about the best sports water bottle
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A sports water bottle that helps you drink water at all times, which many people are looking for because it is of a suitable size. It also gives you the amount of water you need throughout the day, and its price is suitable for everyone.

Sports water bottle

Sports water bottle
Sports water bottle

It is a bottle that helps you to drink water at all times, no matter how busy you are, and you can get it with ease, and it is of a suitable size that gives you the amount you need during the day, as it:

  • The perfect choice, as it is suitable on a daily basis for people of all ages.
  • Suitable for walking, hiking, cycling, camping, home, gym, schools or offices.
  • Practical design and has a safety designed cover that prevents leakage.
  • It is light in weight and can be easily carried anywhere in the bag.

Sports water bottle specification

It has many specifications that make it the best in design, including:

  • The bottle comes in four different colors and they are yellow, blue, white, rose and mauve.
  • Capacity: 1 liter.
  • The lid is designed with a leak-proof material.

Sports water bottle features

It has many different advantages that made it the best, and among these features:

  • Through it, you can get healthy, pure water, enough to use throughout the day.
  • Portable, lightweight and can be taken anywhere.
  • The push button lid is equipped with a sealed mechanism so that no water spills from inside.
  • The lid is easy to open and close smoothly and quickly.

Benefits of a sports water bottle

There are a lot of benefits that you can get when using this bottle, and these benefits are:

  • You do not need to change it every once in a while, as it is a bottle made of excellent material and can be kept for a long time.
  • Provides your daily water needs while you are outside and helps maintain health and hydration.
  • It has an elegant design and can be taken everywhere, which is suitable for all places in school, work, club and other places.

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Sports water bottle price

Sports water bottle

The bottle is available at a reasonable price with everyone, as it is commensurate with the features in it, and its price is 180 Egyptian pounds

In the end, a sports water bottle is one of the best types of glass currently in existence, as it provides your needs throughout the day, and it can be purchased from primostore.

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