Leak-Proof Plastic Water Bottle 1000 Milli-liter

Leak-Proof Plastic Water Bottle 1000 Milli-liter

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Leak-Proof Plastic Water Bottle 1000 Milli-liter
  • The daily water bottle is suitable for people of all ages, Whether they are adults, elderly, children or students.
  • Suitable for hiking, cycling, camping, running, yoga or at home, gym, school or office
  • The lid is designed with a secure lock making it dust and leak-proof.
  • Large half-gallon capacity ensures you enjoy one full water bottle/jug
Leak-Proof Plastic Water Bottle 1000 Milli-liter
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A sports water bottle that is considered one of the best choices, as it is suitable for all age groups, whether they are children, adults or the elderly, and it has many wonderful features, as it is multi-use.

This bottle has spread from other types due to its attractive specifications, and it has a wonderful and elegant look and feel, and its price is suitable for all categories.

Sports water bottle

A sports water bottle is considered one of the wonderful bottles, and it has become very widespread during the recent period, and its shape is elegant and elegant, and it has many uses, as it:

Sports Water Bottle

It is light in weight, which is why it is portable and convenient.

The sports bottle is BPA-free, toxin-free, odorless and non-toxic, so it’s healthy.

It is a suitable choice for school, camping, hiking, and any other sports in the gym and at home.


Sports water bottle specification

The sports bottle contains a number of specifications that make it versatile, and these features will be mentioned through the following points:

  • Color: Multi-Color
  • Capacity: 1000 ml.
  • Material: Plastic.
  • Main topic: sports.
  • Easy to store.
  • It includes a push button as well as a locking mechanism.
  • The product is made of Plastic.
  • Leak proof.

Sports water bottle features

The sports water bottle includes many features that make it distinct from other types, and these features will be presented through the following points:

  • leak proof; This is because it is made of high quality Trital.
  • The cover is designed to be foldable and has a safety lock.
  • It includes a straw with a straw made of flexible silicone.
  • Suitable for all businesses, whether they are the elderly, adults, students or children.

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Sports water bottle price


The price of a sports water bottle with a capacity of 1000 ml has an elegant and distinctive shape, and it is used by many groups.

A sports water bottle is considered one of the most suitable and best choices, as it has a number of great features that make it unique, and the product can also be purchased from primostore.

Product Specification


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1 liter

Special Features

BPA free, Easy Clean, Eye-Catching, Leak Proof